Sunday, May 29, 2011

A cactus with thorns.

I like coffee, I like friends, I like coffee with friends; hold the sugar.
Sometimes I’m afraid that I’m too afraid.
I like forests, beaches and walking. I like drinking wine and chatting about god and paella. What I don’t like is writing about things that I don’t like.


The Unknowngnome said...

Sentiments the same, I don't write about what I don't like but I do write what I do.

Doña Eñe said...

More sugar here..., your sugar as a symbol of happines, love and friendship.
Santa Teresa de Jesús has come to my mind when I have read this :"I like drinking wine and chatting about god and paella." She said that God walks among pots and pans, or literally "God is among pots." (Dios está entre los pucheros)
Don't be afraid, Carlos; don't be afraid of being afraid.
Termino en español con esta bella poesía de Teresa:
Nada te turbe, nada te espante todo se pasa,
Dios no se muda, la paciencia todo lo alcanza,
quien a Dios tiene nada le falta sólo Dios basta.

Carlos Ponce-Melendez said...

Thank you Dona Ene but being afrid is part of me.