Sunday, July 13, 2008

Three new poems

I'm happy to report that three new poems are going to be publish in the 2008 Anthology Voices Along the River. The first one; Sunday, received honorific mention.


It’s like we are nothing.
We feel, we think and we sing
but only for a few years.

The rest of the time,
an infinity of eternities
we don’t exist.

In cosmic time we are next to zero,
less than a dream, practically a memory
And we don’t know what to do next Sunday.

Are you full of yourself?

One day you feel full but you don’t know full of what.
You think about bread, wine, love or hate,
But your heart and your mind don’t let you know
Anything more than you are full.

You think, you ask, you guess
But the answer is elusive.
Then, one night you wake up
And realize that you are full of yourself.

You are too much you, too predictable, too conventional
You always think the same things in the same way
You always look the same and taste the same
You are boring and trapped
You are extremely you
You want to have other experiences but you don’t know how.

It doesn’t matter if you stop working
And move to the mountains or the beach.
Even a new god and a new country feel the same
Because you are still you.

Drinking, praying, psychoanalyzing,
Are the next logical steps
But you come back to being you again and again.

After a while you get tire of trying to escape
And accept your flaws and limitations.
Then you begin to live in harmony
With your nature and your soul,
Then you are no longer full of yourself.

I see all the cosmos from my window

The rhythm of life reverberates:

in the cadence of a jogger,
in the texture of a leaf,
in the aroma of rosemary,
in the cry of a baby.

Everything moves with mathematical harmony.

I can see life passing by from my window:

two drunk men fighting with discordant beats
and the siren of police cars filling the air
creating the musical background
to the human drama of wasted love.