Friday, August 12, 2011


Attention Deficit with Hyperactivity Disorder

                                                  I’m going to clean my desk
                                                                          and buy groceries for the week,              and              but a letter appears and
                                                                                          I got to answer it. Then, a bill that I should have paid last month.
         Looking for a pen, what about the check book?  it
                        sends me                                                             to the other room
 I realize                                                 that I should put
                                                                                                 my cloths away,
           I’ll make a turkey sandwich to ease my hunger                                                       then I notice 
              that some of my cloths
                                                                          have to be washed.                    As I walk to the
                             laundry room
         I remember that I had planned
                                                                       to clean my desk today
                                           so I can begin to write my novel
                  I have a lot of things    , oh my! I forgot to close the refrigerator
                                                        to do…  but I don’t know
                          where to begin
                                              I lost my list.
                                                                    I read
                        a book about prioritizing and took two
                                                                                 classes about time        management.
      I feel exhausted and
                                             I have not done, no anything that
                                                                          I wanted to do for today, for                      yesterday, for my life
                  I want to cry
                                   I don’t know why I can’t do the things
                                                                            that I want to do
     How other people         do ten things while I do half of one?
    Where should I start?                               This is crazy. Ok! No panic,                                          I’m going to star all over again.
                                                First I need a piece of paper,
or should I begin with
                                     my cloths?