Friday, September 30, 2011

#11 Joy for Our Grandparents, Stories for the Grandchildren

 Joy for Our Grandparents, Stories for the Grandchildren

Level: All
Instructor: Carlos Ponce
As our parents, grandparents, and other family members age, their stories disappear forever with them. Alzheimer’s disease, depression and other cognitive impairments can affect our loved one’s mind. For elderly people, it’s rewarding when younger people show interest in their life. Besides, the new generations benefit from a wealth of experiences: heroic events, humorous situations, ethnic knowledge and interesting anecdotes. Many times older adults don’t tell their stories, or they only tell a few, and their relatives think they have heard them all. This is a big mistake. We’ll explore how to develop a plan of conversation with our elderly relatives in a way that is stimulating for them and will produce valuable family information for us. We’ll conduct interviews among the class participants to practice how to carry out sessions with our loved ones, and talk about how to make a family history document for future generations. (Spanish-friendly class).
Date: Saturday, October 15, 10am-3pm
(1-hour lunch break)
Limit: 15 Participants
Registration Deadline: Wednesday, October 12
Teachers CPE Credits: 4 Language Arts
Fee: $70 Discounted Fee: $60

(If you’re paying online via PayPal, the $10 Shipping & Handling fee is our standard registration fee.)
About the instructors:

Carlos Ponce worked for 11 years for the Health Science Center at San Antonio as a social researcher. He became interested in the stories of elders while conducting interviews for the UTHSC and used several of these conversations as the base of his collection of short stories Platicas de Mi Barrio. He’s published two children’s books, several short stories and poems in English and Spanish. He has taught creative writing to elders in community centers and to adolescents. He became interested in people with Alzheimer’s and dementia because some of his family members developed these conditions.


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Las suculentas palabras salían de su intensa boca el día en que decidí dejarla por empalagosa.