Friday, May 13, 2011

About God

How does God feel?
He lives in perpetual happiness; he doesn’t know limits, worries. He knows the future and the past, in other words he doesn’t know what is time. He also is ignorant of fear and frustration, he lacks curiosity because he knows everything but he lacks friends because there is nobody like him. 


The Unknowngnome said...

Yes, our God is One.


thanks so much for coming by travel journal today - if you've not already done so, please do feel free to check out my poetry blogs at gypsywomanworld and at words unspoken - by the way, i loved your red light piece below - what a message for us all and beautifully said! have a great remainder of the weekend!

Doña Eñe said...

God lives in Eternity and Eternity is absence of time, a continuous present. He knows what time is because He knows everything.
He knows how we feel but we don't know how He does. I only know that I know nothing and that God loves me: that's the only thing I need to know.
I never try to understand God because my human mind is not capable of grasping God's nature. I just trust Him as a baby trusts his mother.
I think that God became human in Jesus to feel the caresses of a mother. He, the Almighty, was an orphan.
About friendship, friends don't have to be the same, just the opposite, some of the best friends we make are the ones who seem to be completely different from us, so imagine how well we can get along with our Creator!

Carlos Ponce-Melendez said...

Very deep ideas Dona Ene, thank you for sharing.