Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I Like my Nothingness

At midnight I crawl into my cold bed
And feel the joy of becoming nothing

Between the cotton sheets,
I warm a spot and disappear in the universe of the tiny

Then I don’t have any attributes
Then I’m no longer a sinner, a lover, a mortal

For an instant I’m gone
And I feel the happiness of not being.

Published in ContraExample Poetics, August 2009

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Let the dead alone

Let the dead alone

Let the dead go wherever they have to go
Let them persist in their stubborn silence

The dead know what life is like but
None of them has returned from their mute dwelling

Even the ones who left love, friends and songs
Refuse to mingle with us

It seems that they despise us as night loathes the day
They have the secret, we have hope only

Let the dead enjoy their vicious peace
No more crying for them, no more lies about them

They have to rest
And we have to get ready for our funeral.

Published in Gloom Cupboard, July 2009

Sunday, July 05, 2009


Attention Deficit with Hyperactivity Disorder

I’m going to clean my desk
and buy groceries for the week, and but a letter appears and
I got to answer it. Then, a bill that I should have paid last month.
Looking for a pen, what about the check book? it
sends me to the other room
I realize that I should put
my cloths away,
I’ll make a turkey sandwich to ease my hunger then I notice
that some of my cloths
have to be washed. As I walk to the
laundry room
I remember that I had planned
to clean my desk today
so I can begin to write my novel
I have a lot of things , oh my! I forgot to close the refrigerator
to do… but I don’t know
where to begin
I lost my list.
I read
a book about prioritizing and took two
classes about time management.
I feel exhausted and
I have not done, no anything that
I wanted to do for today, for yesterday, for my life
I want to cry
I don’t know why I can’t do the things
that I want to do
How other people do ten things while I do half of one?
Where should I start? This is crazy. Ok! No panic, I’m going to star all over again.
First I need a piece of paper,
or should I begin with
my cloths?

Monday, June 01, 2009

That’s all she has, bastards!

She has eyes to inspire poets
and a smile that generates dreams,
but she doesn’t care about the war
or people without bread,

(female chorus) That’s all she has, that’s all she is.

Her hair is bright like the sun
and her skin soft as a petal,
but she doesn’t read unless it’s Hollywood gossip
or beauty tips,

(female chorus) That’s all she has, that’s all she is.

She speaks with a divine voice as a musical instrument
and laughs as an angel,
but she only talks about herself
or her legion of pretenders,

(female chorus) That all she has, that’s all she is.

Her body is perfect
and walks with a cadence that shakes men’s balance,
but she simply aspires to be a beauty queen
or a rich housewife socialite,

(female chorus) That’s all she has, that’s all she is.

Pretty woman you have all the beauty and all the charm,
men fall for your glamour, women envy your splendor,
we know that’s all you have.

But we don’t care!
We want beauty no brains! It’s in our genes,
it’s our nature calling for the reproduction of our specie,
it’s our sexual duty!

(female chorus) That’s all they have, that’s what they are.