Saturday, October 22, 2005

More published poems

Small poem

This world is a small planet where you live a small life.
When you are a child everything looks big
but your family, your life, your country, your epoch are just small things.

You have your small ideas and believe in a small God,
then you fall in what seems a huge love and marry a small girl.
Soon, you discover that her love and your love are small after all.
You have small children that live from your small paycheck
until you retire and live from a small pension.

One day, a small bump becomes cancer,
you have a small funeral and
you get buried next to a small cockroach.
In a small period of time all your traces,
your country, your civilization are history.

But the universe and the infinite keep changing
for other entities to exist and disappear.
Nevertheless, all the cosmos and all the time are so small
that they can fit in a small poem.

I don’t need titles

I don’t need titles, PhD's, Suma cum laude to write poems,
I don’t need permits, licenses, registrations to say what I feel.

I only need to look for my own answers when a doubt arises.
I don’t have all the answers it’s true,
but I always look in all directions, colors and times.
And I never let a minister, a president, a doctrine or a book
limit my mind.

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