Thursday, November 11, 2010

With my imagination

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With my imagination I created galaxies and heavens,
Destroyed millenary gods and created others that nobody loved.
With my imagination I finish dictatorships and tyrannous,
Created marvelous and perfect utopias and made the past and present happy.
With my imagination I had more lovers than any sultan,
More wealth that all the kings together and engendered hordes of saints and wise men.
With my imagination I died and revived at will
Wrote all the poems and novels and forgot to hate my enemies.
With my imagination I finished time and matter,
And turned myself into a poem.

In the depth of my soul
Putrid doubts
Eat my useless god.
Everything is an existential error
Nothing is true but my secure fear
Even you are just a dead lie.


Anonymous said...

Great imagination. I love it.

Doña Eñe said...

I think people use their imagination when they are not happy in real life.
If you like/love and enjoy real things, you don´t have to imagine others.
A person who is afraid of death dreams of resurrection.
A man who is alone or doesn´t like his wife dreams of other women.
The best part of your poem is the end: "And turned myself into a poem".
You said: "Nothing is true but my secure fear."
Only God is Truth and only God can lead us in truth.
Trust God and you will not fear anything.
Best wishes.

Arturo Ponce said...

Great one, my favourite for sure!