Friday, October 22, 2010

With my imagination

Two of my poems that were published this year:

With my imagination  (Calliope, Issue #129, Fall 2010)

With my imagination I created galaxies and heavens,
Destroyed millenary gods and created others that nobody loved.

With my imagination I finish dictatorships and tyrannous,
Created marvelous and perfect utopias and made the past and present happy.

With my imagination I had more lovers than any sultan,
More wealth that all the kings together and engendered hordes of saints and wise men.

With my imagination I died and revived at will
Wrote all the poems and novels and forgot to hate my enemies.

With my imagination I finished time and matter,
And turned myself into a poem.

Self portrait        (Calliope, Issue # 129, Fall 2010)

Squiggling lines try to define my confused face
While my eyes, pathetically, search for meaning.

My Picasso mouth speaks the truth even when there is none
While my prominent nose destroys any hope of beauty.

Dissident hair covers my forehead and my doubts
While my parabolic ears capture more banality that I can bear.

My skin color is crude and matches my intrusive brain
While my whole looks defies definition.

An honest self portrait; no perfection here,
Just a human variation with a tragic soul.

1 comment:

Doña Eñe said...

Precioso poema "With my imagination".
Dios dio alas a los pájaros.
A nosotros nos regaló la imaginación con la que podemos volar, soñar y transformarnos desde nuestro sillón.
Un cordial saludo.